Note: This event is now over.

Claresholm Public Library

Youth Leadership Opportunities

Feb 11, 2020 to Jan 1, 0001  |  Talk to Library Staff today!

Looking for something new? So is Lethbridge College!

Lethbridge College is looking to offer some new classes for Claresholm and area youth. Please talk to Lethbridge College or Library staff if you are interested in any of the following programs:

Design for Your Audience: Designing engaging media (posters, graphics, videos, social media, etc.) can seem like a daunting task. While there are many things to consider, taking the time to identify your target audience, the purpose for your media, and any project constraints, can reduce your stress and produce more effective media. In this hands-on workshop, participants will become familiar with a human-centered design approach, enabling them to create engaging and audience-specific media.

Graphic Design Principles: Whether you’re making a birthday card for mom, a school project or a high-profile presentation for work, you can use these principles to create engaging and meaningful designs. This workshop will explore design rules that will make your creative projects seem easy!

Design Tools for the Non-Designer: Want to take your projects to the next level, but not ready to spend money on fancy software? This workshop will give you an overview of several simple resources that can make you look like a graphic design pro. You will get a chance to try out some new tools and get tips form a real-life designer.

Intro to Design Thinking: When challenges arise, having a design thinking framework helps you overcome difficult tasks that resonate with the people. In this session you will be given an easy to follow guide on how to take a challenge, generate ideas for solutions, experiment with those solutions and then test it with real people, all in a very fast iterative process that will produce moving results.